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Chef Chris Viaud, a James Beard nominated chef most recently known for competing on Season 18 of Top Chef, is the Chef/Owner of Greenleaf and Ansanm located in Milford New Hampshire. Chris has always liked to describe his style of cooking as Contemporary American reflecting on his inspirations throughout his journey of becoming a chef. He reflects on his childhood memories when asked how his journey into the culinary industry began. He has distinct memories of sitting on the floor grinding herbs and spices with a mortar and pestle and other food preparation projects to help his mom with family dinners. He later pursued continued education  at one of the nation’s top culinary institutes, Johnson and Wales, and upon graduating with an Associates in Culinary art and a Bachelors in Food Service Management, he left the small state of RI to pursue his dream of working in Boston. Much of his career in Boston was spent at Deuxave in the back bay, one of the top rated French restaurants in the city, where he worked his way through the ranks of the kitchen and achieved a managerial chef position. He likes to refer to his food as simple, yet refined, and honest by not letting over complicated technique override the integrity of the produce that he is working with. Focusing primarily on seasonal produce, some of which grown locally, helps to fuel his passion when creating menus. Chef Chris has continually been working throughout the years to challenge himself by pushing the boundaries and constantly taking himself out of his comfort zone to help hone in on his craft. He is constantly exploring new ideas, styles, trends and concepts to keep fueling his passion and believes that everyday there is the opportunity to learn something new. Chris believes that you eat with your eyes first and that plays into his plating techniques. Through his thoughtful consideration and testing that goes into each dish, he is able to achieve a balanced meal that incorporates different flavors, textures and dimensions that challenge the palate and allow guests to have an unforgettable dining experience.



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Chef Chris and wife Emilee at Silver oak wine dinner at Martha's Vineyard Wine Fest 2016 


Greenleaf is located in the historic Souhegan Valley Bank building in Milford, New Hampshire. Dating back to 1865, the Souhegan Valley Bank building was renovated in 1907 by Luther Greenleaf who the restaurant is named after. The Boston based architect, whose original hand drawn blueprints can still be seen framed inside the restaurant, added several beautiful renditions to the building and the bank became well known across New Hampshire. 


Our food philosophy

Greenleaf embodies our core values of cooking with the seasons and sourcing as much product that we can from local farmers who we have built great relationships with over the years. The menu features our take on familiar food, refined with different techniques. With each dish prepared, we focus on highlighting the beautiful product that we receive from the farms and help provide the customer with an unforgettable dining experience.

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Our Heart in HOspitality

The fine dining space has been long viewed as residence for the elite, upper class society that would scoff at the idea of something like ordering a cheeseburger or wearing vans. At Greenleaf, we take an elevated approach to our food and drinks, not our expectations of our clientele. We welcome all who come through our door in an effort to provide an over the top experience, no matter how tall your top hat. We're people too, and what makes our space in Milford, NH special, are the people we get to share it with everyday.



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