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Chef Chris Viaud is owner and executive chef of Greenleaf and sister restaurant, Culture Bread, both residing in Milford, NH. Originally from Randolph, MA, Chris and his parents, who had immigrated from Haiti, moved to Londonderry, N.H. where post high school graduation he attended Johnson & Wales University, receiving his bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts & Food Service Management.

Post culinary school, Chris came back to Boston where he spent three years at Deuxave, a true culinary landmark for modern French cuisine in the city, where he gained experience working alongside chef and owner Chris Coombs, Adrienne Mosie, and acclaimed chef Stefanie Bui. Since his time at Deuxave, he has been an essential part of four restaurant openings in the Massachusetts and New Hampshire. In the spring of 2019, Chris opened Greenleaf in what was the Souhegan National Bank building in Milford, NH.


Chris' approach to food is rustic yet refined by classic techniques and his menus are driven by locally grown seasonal products.


His strength and motivation build from the support of his family, friends, and staff and he continues to push himself every day.

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Chef Chris and wife Emilee at Silver oak wine dinner at Martha's Vineyard Wine Fest 2016 



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Aaron Millinghaus


Aaron Millinghaus is the Chef de Cuisine of Greenleaf in Milford, New Hampshire. Born and raised in small town Franklin, New Hampshire, he developed a passion for food and cooking. His humble upbringing and ‘non-traditional’ culinary pathway brought him through the trenches of the food industry. From summertime breakfast buffets, pub fry cook, to saute cook at experimental kitchen’s, and ultimately landing under the wing of Chef Chris Viaud. He first began working with Chef Chris at Cabonnay to which he felt inspired by the simplistic approach but bold flavors and techniques being used in the cuisine. This set Aaron on a path to pursue refinement in his own cooking. His approach to food has become uniquely his own as a mirror to his New England roots: seasonally oriented and rusticly inspired. He seeks to illuminate the meekness of New England cuisine to a refined palate through diligence, dedication, and hard work. All of this stems from a loving mother, dedicated friends, and a deep desire to succeed and overcome ‘the average. 

Mackenzie Lindquist


Pastry Chef Mackenzie Lindquist was born and raised in New Hampshire. Her love of baking started at a young age when she would make desserts with whatever she could find in the pantry. She would often go to her Mimi’s log cabin in Vermont where they would pick blueberries off the bushes in the front yard for pancakes or make maple sugar candies on snow. Her curiosity and love for all sweet things led her to move to Boston when she was just eighteen. She initially worked at Flour Bakery. She then joined the Columbus Hospitality Group where she quickly worked her way through the ranks at Mistral, a French-Mediterranean bistro, and Sorellina, a contemporary Italian restaurant, from Pastry Cook to Executive Pastry Chef. Being mainly self-taught, Lindquist spent countless hours reading cookbooks, doing at-home experiments, and most importantly, learning anything and everything that her mentors wanted to teach her. She strives to always do better and be better than her last dessert. At twenty-three years old, her determination and dedication to the craft led her to the position of Pastry Chef at Greenleaf where she is responsible for cultivating the entire dessert menu. She is most inspired by the chefs that she works with daily, and the nostalgic flavors from her childhood. Her modern desserts are seminal and refined, but pay homage to the creativity and spontaneity of that young girl raiding the pantry.


Greenleaf is located in the historic Souhegan Valley Bank building in Milford, New Hampshire. Dating back to 1865, the Souhegan Valley Bank building was renovated in 1907 by Luther Greenleaf who the restaurant is named after. The Boston based architect, whose original hand drawn blueprints can still be seen framed inside the restaurant, added several beautiful renditions to the building and the bank became well known across New Hampshire. 


Our food philosophy

Greenleaf embodies our core values of cooking with the seasons and sourcing as much product that we can from local farmers who we have built great relationships with over the years. The menu features our take on familiar food, refined with different techniques. With each dish prepared, we focus on highlighting the beautiful product that we receive from the farms and help provide the customer with an unforgettable dining experience.

Our Heart in HOspitality

The fine dining space has been long viewed as residence for the elite, upper class society that would scoff at the idea of something like ordering a cheeseburger or wearing vans. At Greenleaf, we take an elevated approach to our food and drinks, not our expectations of our clientele. We welcome all who come through our door in an effort to provide an over the top experience, no matter how tall your top hat. We're people too, and what makes our space in Milford, NH special, are the people we get to share it with everyday.